Onkar Singh Batra

Founder, CEO at OrbitalNerds, building 00AI, and more in stealth, as I strive to redefine the natural limits of space with unconventional yet pragmatic approaches. As an avid supporter of effective accelerationism [e/acc], I am interested in anything and everything beyond humane-defined conventional boundaries.

I try to study PHYS 8.033 [1] and ASTRO 16.346 [2] in my free time by myself (unenrolled).

Inspired by OpenAI or Sam’s research × product approach, I believe in:

  • Intersection of research and product.
  • Generality + simpler interfaces → increased popularity.
  • Solution > Problem. Technology first!

Actively moving around the eastern coast of the States. If you’re lucky enough to catch me in PA, New York City, or DC, would be happy to grab quick coffees on the weekend. My twitter is @ionkarbatra, and so is my LinkedIn and Instagram.

I plan to write blogs in the near future, too lazy for now — meanwhile, feel free to say hi on hi[at]onxr[dot]xyz!